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Weekends & Moving On!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Each person is different and life is different when you lost that special someone. The questions is how do you handle the weekends, now since you are now "one"? What kind of activities do you do and how do you manage when going to the store?

I remember the first time I went to the store by myself and needed to pick up a few items it was daunting, why you ask? My train of thought was still in "us" mode and not in "me" mode for what do I need only for me for the workweek and for supper. So I can take a moment and reflect on what did I truly need from the store. You see Paco was the shopper, and he took care of the grocery list and such, and would say we need this, we need that, and then it was all up to me on "what do I need". I know right, it really does make you stop and reflect on your emotions and self care to ensure you are staying strong with fuel and self love.

Sometimes coping skills work and sometimes they do not as we all know each day is different and we do not know how we are going to feel when we wake up in the morning. So we have to really stop and reflect on how to start our day and this keeps us moving forward with our family and friends.

It is Ok to tell friends and family, I am sorry not able to make it today as I am not ready to be around "Happy People" or happy time or couples and such, as this just reminds us of what we have lost. True family and friends will understand and offer you support during this time, I know mine are wonderful! They will check up on me to make sure I am ok, and ensure I am eating and taking care of myself. Last weekend was a first for me, I went out early in the morning and paid my CC for home Depot and then went to the store, and then way out of the ordinary, I had lunch by myself in a restaurant. This is how I know I am heading out of the darkness bestowed upon me when I least expected. Each will find the right path at the right time and the tunnel of blackness will begin to see brightness.

Writing this blog helps me to see I am able to move on and find joy in the small steps of life since loss, and hopefully my words will help you to find comfort if you are facing a loss!

We can comfort one another with kind words and devotional prayer.

Much love and kindness!


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