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Catchy Title!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Finding the right title to catch someone's eye is the hardest thing when writing a story! How can one pick just one title? I wonder if authors feel the same when writing a book? For me the chapter's define the story line and leads into the next chapter of one's life. So for me my chapters of life has changed so much from the time of age ten to current. It is truly amazing how friends, family and strangers, are in grained into one's life chapters. When you meet someone for the first time, they literally are a stranger, and then turn into a friend, confident, and or mentor. It truly amazed me how one person or many people come into your life and help you grow, and/or hopefully help you to see yourself differently as well. Life chapters are ever evolving and changing, and we never know from one day to the next, what is going change, happen and affect us so drastically!

We peddle through life at a fast pace, and this chapter could be called 'I am going to Miss This/Miss That", is that really a chapter you want to stay in for a long period? How many pages of your life cycle should we keep this chapter moving on? I know you are saying "Well Girl" you have been doing for that for so many years, your chapter is very long! I know right! HOWEVER; I jumped off of that chapter, and now I am learning to look at life differently. I KNOW RIGHT! You are sitting there saying, let's see how long she stays on this chapter of life! Will it be too slow for her, or will she take the opportunity to learn and grow, or will she say "####$$$@@@" and jump on the fast track chapter of life again? Only time will tell!

I honestly can say at this point and time in my life, that this new chapter is different and learning to navigate is very challenging, and I know that I will persevere and navigate the chapter. I know because wait for it! I have been doing some self study test of my personality and boy that is an eye opener! YES! You all were correct, and I knew that as well, but you know! Sometimes you have see in black and white to say "oh boy", time to change the page, and write a new chapter!

My question to you all today is; how are you navigating the changing chapters of life, each change can be defined in work, moving, children, death, life changing moments, and other aspects! Do you go with the status flow of the chapter, or are you willing to put yourself out there for the change up that is needed to change the chapter! WE are the author's of our lives, and we have a blank page each morning to wake and write our chapter. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO WRITE YOUR CHAPTER! You are in charge!

I do hope you enjoy the read today and are able to look at your life book and change a chapter or two! I know I am working on this!

God Speed! Cheryl- check-out FB Page: Beauty furr life! She did an amazing job! for my Glamour Day!

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