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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Sometimes we go through life and not really sure of what is going to happen next or bring us happiness or sadness! We must embrace each day has it comes and we need to see the joy of each day. Sometimes we forget that that little things in life are the most important daily joys. I know you are asking like what? For example: we should enjoy the smile of our children, our loved ones and friends in general. Take the time to go eat an ice cream cone and laugh with each other, as we will never know when it is our time to go home!

I was able to delight in the birds singing this morning and enjoying the songs they sang while I was out cleaning my porch today and remembering the days when Paco and I did this together, and this brought joy to my heart, to remember his smile and quirky personality and how we used to laugh at some of the silliest things in life. Sometimes we forget it is okay to move on as this person will be with us for ever in our hearts and in our memories we have created together.

I am grateful for his love and the joy he brought to my life each day, and I enjoyed the days we just sat and listened to music and we did not even have to say a word, as we knew it was love bringing us together and then the days of course of when it was bicker day, but we got past those days! My heart is slowly learning to accept the new chapter of my life and now I must find ways to fill the void, and sometimes that is the biggest challenge of all.

Remember to love hard and live hard, as tomorrow is not promised to anyone! Learn to forgive those that have hurt you because carrying around that weight impacts the ability to move on and become the person you are destined to be, and take stock in your self worth and love of your self to grow! This has been the hardest lesson in my life to learn and move on past! Family is family and friends are friends, and learn to say, today is a new day and tomorrow is not here so live in the day and moment! Trust in your self and the decision you are making to live a full life!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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