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How do you manage change?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

That is a great question, and this question is not only geared towards changes in your personal life, but changes occurring in the world today! How do you keep your sanity in this ever evolving world, with all the losses of loved ones, the new virus plaguing the world, and invading our back yard so to speak. What do you do as whole to project your heart and those of your close friends and family when dealing with a loss? Loss can come from death, a break-up, and or loss of friendship. These are important aspects of our lives as a whole and this loss can be life transforming to many and new territory and unknown territory and finding ways to cope with this loss is fearful to many! I know this question can be daunting to some, and not so daunting to others as they may feel, they have this under control, but do you really?

I for one do have this under control, as the fear of the unknown is very scary and daunting! I do reflect on the day we lost Paco and how I felt during that time and what was I going to do, and how was I going to cope with life without him? Those were some scary questions, and the thought of moving forward was scary as well. For my mind believe of others judging me, and that scared me as well, but guess what my fear was only keeping me from grieving and moving forward! Yes, that is right! I let that fear of others dictating my life and actions go and I was able to free my myself from the chains of self doubt and learned to move past my insecurities and yes, I do have them! To begin to live my life as one.....cause the 2 part is now gone. It is ok to sit in the car and cry, and walk down the grocery isle and cry and remember the times you shared with this person to whom you have lost! This is part of your healing process and you can take as long or as little as you need to move on and grieve over this loss!

Just remember that I am here for you as well as for myself and together we will face the demon of the unknown and beat this devil down! Love and strength come from inside of you and you have the strength over come!

God Speed!


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