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New Beginnings

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

For those facing the loss of a loved one, whether it be a "Mom, Sister, Father, Spouse, child , pet and/or a best friend", and your emotions are raw, during the time of loss and there soon after, do you feel, confused when you take that first step to re-begin your life again? What are some of the ways you manage to cope and not be afraid of moving forward.

Everyone says there is not a time frame for grieving, and that time will heal the heart of the lost piece. I truly believe the heart will always have this piece missing, but that our loved one would want us to move on with living and remember the fun times we had together. I also know that there will be days when the loss is over powering and something will trigger a memory and the sadness will begin to flood in our hearts and the tear of sadness will flow down our cheek, and for me this is ok, as this tear is my heart allowing me to feel the loss and pain, and will then allow me to move on again. For me I take each day to see reflect on the love we shared, and the good times we had as well as the trouble times as this is part of life and healing. I talk to Paco daily as I know my spirit and his spirit are still connected, and we made a conscious effect to put one foot in front of the other and take the step to say today is the day and the light is coming more and more bright.

I am afraid of not remembering his voice, and telling me, "Te quiero Mom"! I do have have video of him goofing around in the office with me and his voice, so I will listen to that when I am needing comfort from his voice. I do miss him saying, " I am hungry, what are we going to eat" then he would want me to make the decision on our food choices. Sometimes that was harder than others but we managed.

Now I am reflecting on me, and how life is very different from a year, six months, two months ago. Am I changing and this is change for the better, for me to say, I am now "one" vs. "two" and that sometimes can be the most difficult question to ask and there really is no right or wrong answer, as this is based on feelings, heart and self love. For those feeling the loss today, my heart goes out to you and your family, and my wish is for "GOD to wrap his loving arms around your heart" and take away your pain.

Life does change, and we must allow ourselves to change with the tide.

God Sped! Cheryl

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