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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hello Friends and Family! Well well well it has been awhile since I have written anything! Life and work throw us challenges everyday and our food choices are dependent on the daily struggles we are facing! The one thing we must remember is we are the deciding factor on the choices we are going to make that affect our ability to lose or gain weight! I know if I am struggling then I know you are struggling as well! Just remember I am here for you even if you lose or gain....I know you are saying "yeah yeah yeah" albeit you know I am correct a mundo! Some of you know me very well and some of you know me from reading my blog! Just know I work hard at following the correct path and sometimes I stumble just like you, but I get back up and move forward. QUITTING is not an option and I was able to go shopping and try on some shirts and to my amazement the smaller size fit.....I SO know you are shouting praise the weight loss god! Cause I know I am....and I have some shirts in my closet that I tried on the other day and just felt very frumpy in them what you say...."frumpy", yes because the shirts are way to big...and this can make you feel "Frumpy"!!! How many of you keep wearing shirts or pants that are too big? It is better to begin wearing the smaller size clothes that will showcase the new curves you're developing with WINNING against the weight loss of injustice! GO TEAM GO!

I know you all will find the path that works best for you and that is what winning is all about! I believe in the power of prayer and the power of good food Dr has a sign in his office that states: "Fruit is Nature's' Candy", think about that for a much sugar is in natural fruit; I know you are saying but that is good for you...but actually it is not....this sugar causes the body to store it as fat! Just sayin'!!!! I miss eating my apples, grapes and such, albeit I would rather lose weight than gain! Just my thought! I wish you all well on your journey against the "Injustice of Weight Loss"!

God Speed! Cheryl

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