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November Morning

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Happy November Morning!

There are many obstacles we face each and everyday when trying to lose weight. The biggest obstacle is our self. What you ask how can we be the biggest obstacle? First we might make an excuse to why it is okay to eat this food or that food? Will this count towards my food calorie or the carbs that I am counting. Yes they do count there is no such thing as free food. So we must take responsibility of our actions and these actions can be detrimental to one's diet plan in winning over the injustice of weight loss! Yes, yes, yes....if you want to win then you must make the choice and sacrifice on giving up the notion "oh I can eat this or I can eat that"!!!

In the long run no you cannot eat this or eat that. OUR bodies change as we age....yes I went there! As you know we age every day and this impacts our ability to digest or break down certain food types. Sugar is the major culprit for losing weight. This food particle does not break down, but in fact stores in your body and then becomes the fat.....the question you are asking is how then how can I eat an apple or any fruit for that matter. Well glad you asked! If you are following strictly then you cannot eat fruit. If you are eating in moderation then one piece per day but still you must count in the daily food intake. A little piece here a little piece there will impact your overall goal!

YOU must take the first step in gaining control and then following through with the plan you laid out for yourself. I know you can do and win over the "injustice of weight loss"! I have faith in you and myself!

I am working towards a goal for this month, and hopefully I will be able to find the inner strength to obtain this weight loss goal! Struggles area the challenges in which we become stronger in the end!

God Speed!


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