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Good Evening!

Well my mind has been running non-stop on what to write about. SO today I decided to write about “good-n-plenty” yep just like the candy! However; this good-n-plenty is about the choices we make whether they are good or bad when we choose something to eat.

For instance there are plenty of programs out there to help us to lose the weight “so” they claim. If you follow this program or follow that program you will lose 10 lbs. There is plenty of good advice from multiple health care providers, and those pretending to be health care gurus who are offering you the best chance of shedding those pounds.

How many articles have you read or seen where the person just took the bull by the horn and gave up on the good-n-plenty and went straight for the gusto on taking control of his/her life and then before you know it they have lost the weight and the loss of pounds could range from 20 to 100 pounds. The question then becomes what is stopping us from taking back control of our lives to remove the excess weight we are carrying?

Our mind is what is holding us back and we are over processing the idea of losing weight and this I tell you is what is holding us back. Today we must take control over the “thought demons” and pass over the “good-n-plenty” and say today will be my day to jump start on my new life goals!

Each day is new day, even if you back slide you must just say “don’t look back-look forward” and then start over and find the strength to continue to push past the “thought demons”. For me this is my new mantra; don’t look back but look forward and push through the pain and suffering of the good-n-plenty’s; and focus on the end goal.

Each person needs to list the positive and negatives associated with the good-n-plenty. The products, the tools that suck you in, and most definitely the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is what lures you to the self then you are captivated by the label and begin reading the magic words; the promise of losing weight! My goal is not to be tempted by the product that lures to the program calling "lose weight with me"! My inner goal will be to follow the program my Dr has prescribed for me and seems to be working fairly well!

I know that everyone's body is not made the same. Our genetic make-up is what makes each of us different and that helps to define the person we are meant to be. Just remember that everyone that over eats will/ or might eventually gain the extra pounds. Side note: putting on the pounds is easy it is taking off the pounds that is hard. Just know I am here to listen and share my story. Sometimes we have to share our failures to gain successes!

God speed!


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