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Food for Thought!


It has been a while since I have written about my journey. I am sitting here, thinking about what is happening with my life and goals. There are many people who have been writing about his/her struggles with food and other addictions. We read about their success stories, but do we respond, or congratulate them, and lastly do we find a way to follow them? Some of you are like what where is this coming from? The reason, I am asking is if we are truly inspiring you wouldn't you find away to follow our journey, and make a comment or two to let us know if we truly made you feel good or just connected with you. The connection could be with a thought or statement? Sometimes I allow my insecurities to creep in and cause self doubt. This a weakness of mine, and one I continue to work on everyday. What is your weakness which causes you self doubt, and what do you do to overcome this? I do hope I am able to offer you inspiration/or motivation so you can make a change whether big or small?

Do you believe in you? I am going to win this battle as I am strong enough to believe in me!!! 🌟 are you strong enough to believe in you? God Speed!!! CHERYL

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