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How does being bullied affect your "weight" either losing or gaining?

Good Evening!

Well I have many things running through my mind with food and weight loss and I was having a conversation the other day with a friend. Yes, I do actually have a friend or too, LOL! Anyways; I digress with this banter. SO my friend and I were talking about how something from your childhood, teen years, young adulthood, and yes even as a "grown-up"; how a bully can affect your weight. How you ask? Well if you stop and think about it, it revolves around the negative comments. Negative comments, stay with you and affects your self esteem. Remember when you have low self-esteem you may turn to food for comfort, you know I am right!!

SO, what we need to ask ourselves; how do we overcome these negative comments, and how do we deal with "bullies"? Bullies will always find away to make you feel inadequate and this is done with a derogatory comment, and a bully knows how to make sure each word will affect your self esteem. It is truly amazing for me to see things differently, and to reflect on how certain things changed my behavior. For instance in this story; a person was being bullied by some people and this caused this person to lease self esteem, and with the loss of his/her self esteem they began to deteriorate in other ways that was noticeable by others causing worry and concern in this persons well being. I know you are asking what became of this person. Well this person was able to fight back and find the inner strength he/she needed to believe in themselves once more. How many of you have been bullied during your life; work, home, or by a complete stranger. What you said by a complete stranger; yes, that is true. When you go shopping or playing at the beach or in the park, someone can upset you with a derogatory comment, which is said loud enough for you to hear. How many have had this happen to you? My question to you is; how do you, and or how did you handle this? Did you turn to food to soothe the soul? If we answer yes; what then should be our new practice to help each of us deal with a bully?

We allow a bully to win when we turn to food, and this food then becomes our saving grace to hide behind so we do not have to deal with the problem at hand; the “derogatory comment" that has hurt our feelings/pride. We must ask ourselves how do we overcome the bullying and take back control of inner strength to say "no" to the food we eat to console our egos?

I have had to face many things in my life; and one that was the hardest to admit is; that I have been hit head on by a bully! The words and comments that were made unfortunately were reinforced by some people, who I thought were my friends, and that really hurt me. Alas I have grown from this experience and I am moving forward, and I do hope that I have learned not turn to food to soothe my soul!

I am heading in the right direction, and hopefully and thus reducing my need to overcome eating food to soothe my soul~!

God Speed! Cheryl

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