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Blame Game

Good Morning!

How many people play the “blame game” when it comes to weight loss? I know I did and sometimes I still do. It does seem like it is everyone else’s fault for why I cannot lose weight. Some of our blame game excuses are: my husband is not supportive of the need to change our eating habits. My Mom is the reason I am so fat because she let me eat anything and everything in sight. My work days are so long, that it is easier to grab a fast food meal in place of eating a salad or making a light dinner at home. These are just a few blame game excuses and this is so sad that we feel that we need to blame others!

When in fact we are in control of our own eating habits and the choices we make on a daily basis. IT is no different than the friends we hang out with, the movies and TV shows we want to watch. Do we blame others when we sit down and watch TV? Do we blame others for the friends we hang out with? Do we blame others for the clothes we choose to wear? Personally No! So why should we blame others for our inability to make healthy food choices? If they chose to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge are you going to follow suit? I would certainly hope NOT! So why follow them in the food choices as well!!!

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to eating and it so easy to blame others for our weight challenges! I know I was and sometimes I can still be one of those people. It does seem easier to blame others than to take responsibility for our own actions and make the changes we need to make in our own life!

God speed to you all! Cheryl

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