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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Good evening to all!

As some of friends and family know life is challenging. Everyday can have struggles. I personally have been dealing with many things this past month in my personal life, and sometimes I ask myself am I committed? I know you are saying committed to WHAT? Well weight loss of course. SO with that being said, let me ask you a few questions?

When you hear the word commitment do you equate this word with weight loss or only with family, friends or work? WELL for me this word is applicable to all things in life. When YOU decide to begin your weight loss journey, the first thing you do is make a commitment. The second step of your commitment is deciding on the plan, process, and end goal on the journey of losing weight?

SO let me ask you were you able to stick to your commitment of losing weight? Did you hit a milestone during your weight loss commitment, or did you say enough is enough and break your commitment to improving your health? If you decided to quit what was your reason and secondly are beating yourself up for the decision you have made? IF you are beating yourself up, then you are still committed you just need a helping dose of "GET BACK ON THE TRAIN"!!! Remember we all need to have support!!! Do not be afraid to ask for help or just find someone to talk to when you are feeling down or low! ONE thing you should never forget is your are not alone!!!

SO now comes the question what is your commitment goal? Did you commit to losing a certain number of pounds, or did you just commit to eat better? Either way you took the first step!!!! OH yeah for me my commitment was to lose ex-number of pounds this past year! YEP you all guessed it it has been 1 year for me on this journey! Secondly I know you are asking yourself, did she make the goal or fall short! WELL let me tell you, I stuck to my year commitment and I was able to lose half the goal I set! I am now working on the second half goal! Hopefully this will not take me a whole year! I know you are saying "WHAT"! Let me just say: I understand now what I need to do so I can win this battle against the injustice of weight loss!!!

A milestone could be 1 pound, or more! Remember you are working towards your commitment to increase your overall health and lifestyle!

God Speed!


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