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Christmas Struggles

Good Evening to all!

Well today is Christmas and I know many of you enjoyed the day with family and friends, and of course you spent the day eating all the sweets, and good food you could place your hands on. Well just SO you know I did extremely well today and the past few days. Yes, I stayed true to my carb diet and only ate what was allowed on my food plan! Today we made homemade "vegetable soup", and made our low carb bread to dip in the soup. For my breakfast I had 'eggs, cheese, and pepperoni sandwich'. What you say sandwich, how can that be. Well you place the cheese on the plate then place the egg on the cheese drop some pepperoni, then cheese on top. It makes a great sandwich and stays within the carb count for the day. The vegetable soup does not have that many carbs, with a bowl full, and the oopies bread is very low as well. I did enjoy some celery with some cream cheese and my little bit of peanut butter. On a side note I have a made decision to give up my "diet coke" this month to see if this will help speed up weight loss. We shall see! We were invited out to eat dinner on Friday, and I was very good, I ate a salad only....and had my last diet today I had a headache which is caffeine related but I am going to persevere....I need to be true to myself and no-one else. I believe you all will reach the goal you have set forth for you with your life dreams, whether they are going back to school, continuing your education, or finding a way to lose weight. My wish for you today and always is to find the strength and believe in yourself when you choose to deviate from your path. God Speed! Cheryl


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