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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Well today is a sad day for many. With so many things swirling around today and the activities you might be participating in can be very challenging for you. It can be challenging to stay true to oneself and finding inner strength to be strong on the food choices one must daily. What are some of the food choices you made today? Did you stick to your low carb, or low diet food choices, or did you decide to splurge today because of the sadness in the air?

It is okay to have a day to feel like you are allowed to eat what you want, however; on the flip side of that coin you are then allowing yourself to deviate from the plan you have set forth to reach the goal you have set forth! SO the question becomes are you going to give in the food choices of comfort or the food choices of healthy? I have not been eating clean for the last few months and I have fallen into a deep long of I will do better tomorrow! SO when tomorrow comes, I am still falling deeper and deeper into the "FOOD TRAP"! Oh my goodness, I have fallen and can't get up and out of the food hole!

I am going to strive for greatness tomorrow! I have come so far to allow myself to fall so far backwards, so NOW is the time to set the ball moving forward, onward and upward!

Be strong and find the inner strength and you will win as well!

God Speed!



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