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Time is Moving Fast!

Wow! I cannot believe I am heading into the year mark, in less than 2 months to go! Oct 25th was Edwin's birthday and from that day counts down 2 months will be Christmas day! The day we lost our sweet sweet Paco! So much has changed in my life during these past ten months. I have moved, into a new house, did some purging so speak, with the last of some of the items I was hanging onto. It is hard to move forward with life when you are holding onto the past (items). not memories! Memories travel with you and help to keep the love alive in the heart in tune with the loss of my husband!

Since. I have moved into my new house, I have not been lounging around the couch feeling sorry for myself. Instead, I have pushed myself to excel in cleaning and purging. So this past weekend has been a fruitful one, with cleaning the yard, and purchasing a weed wacker, and pulling weeds, and fixing and mending broken items, and meeting new neighbors and enjoying the weekend with friends and family!

I miss my sweet talks with Paco, so I spend time outside talking to him about the day and what has transpired, what I am going to work on next and so forth! I find these talks are very calming for me, and allows me time to reflect on my day and my life as it was, as it is, and what it will be in the future!

Blessings come in all sizes and comes from those we least expect! It is important to remember that each day brings you a blessing accept these blessings as they come. I do hope you all have a safe and joyous week!

Be strong!


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