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Mirror Image!

What does that mean to you? This picture reflects off my sunglasses my mirror image. Do we see ourselves as others see us? Do we portray ourselves one way to friends, family, and differently to our inner self. These are tough questions yet we all must answer them in one fashion or another. Do you command attention when you walk in the room, or do shrink so know one sees you? I prefer to be seen and not hiding behind myself. Confidence is the key to be noticed-self esteem -boost your confidence. Not being afraid of your shadow boost your confidence. Taking ownership of your errors, mistakes, bad choices drive up your self esteem!! You are a powerful person and you are confident and demand to be noticed when you walk in the room!! Life is about you and what you want to achieve!! I am working on this as I write ✍🏻 tonight!! Always say: I am confident-I am strong-I am beautiful-I am intelligent-I have the power to say NO-!! Negative begets Negative!! Positive begets Positive!! Remember they say if think you can’t or think you can- your right!! Mirror Image is a reflection that you own not anyone else!!

till next time!!


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