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March- Embracing YOURSELF!

Good morning my fellow readers, those that follow me loyally. LOL! It seems, since I do not dwell on the life of Paco and Cheryl some of my readers have fallen off. Yet, that is their loss, as my life is always changing due to the loss of Paco, and sometimes, you have to step outside the darkness, and see the light of what is happening in the now, and sometimes, that is the hardest lesson in life. We can always face the loss, in silence, and or share the loss in public, but I have noticed, how many do not really engage in when you talk about the loss in public. Yet, so many are sharing his/her loss story on Instagram, TIKTOX and for them that is ok. For me sharing my personal story here has helped to find peace and solace with the loss of Paco.

This picture is from a few months back and yes, I have embraced my age of 63 & ME! Yes. It is a number that I am proud of because, I have survived many things in my 63 years of life and I am still young, viral and enjoying myself. Sometimes, we as women judge ourselves for how we look, how many wrinkles we may, or how our hair is greying, but for me that shows the world, I am here, I am not afraid, I have survived, and proud of me. Miss Clairol and I broke up about 15 years ago, and it was freeing to me to begin to embrace the beauty god has bestowed upon over the years. I look back at pictures of years past, and pictures of years now and recently and see, I am still me. But with great knowledge.

Do not allow others to tell you need this, or you need that you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are, and stand tall, walk proud, and enjoy the life you are living at the moment! We only have one life and one chance in life to live the best life we can live, and from this you will find peace and solace and enjoy your life, your family and friends. REMEMBER this if you THINK YOU CAN OR YOU THINK YOU CAN"T YOU ARE RIGHT! Resonate on that cookie for a hot minute!

I am working thru some emotional changes this past month, this month and most likely months to come, yet, I am still pushing forward, and finding strength in me and how much, I have changed since Paco passed away. I am on a exercise routine, diet routine, and life changing routine, and finding myself sometimes, to feel like, I can accomplish anything. Yes, yes, it is a struggle some days, but just getting up and doing something small makes the biggest difference in the world. Remember we control ourselves....and the outcome of the task, the day, the minute, the hour. GO forth and conquer the world, as you are bigger than anything holding you back!

till next time!


adios, збогом .अलविदा. Good bye, t

PS! I love you!

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