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Every Light Is On!When do you start to turn then off? Only you can answer this question!

How many are familiar with Trace Adkins-Every light in the house is on? He left them on for when she went away and so she could find her way back home. Well, I have left my lights on for the past 515 days since you went to heaven to be with your heavenly family. I know Poppy that is lot of days to be gone, and I know in my heart, you are here with me, and my head knows you will not be coming back anytime soon. It is just that some days are harder than others, even though they say with time the heart heals. Well they are full of shit, cause the heart remains fragile it just feels differently. I know Poppy you wanted me to spread your ashes in the ocean and I really tried the first year, but I have not been ready to say goodbye again! I have been keeping you all to myself and this not fair to you and or to me. I know in my heart I am being selfish, but I also know I have you with me. But the truth is I have you always in my heart and in my thoughts and remember all the wonderful things we have done as a couple.

I need to start turning all the lights off one by one till the light shining in my heart with the memories of you and the life we shared for 20 years. I don't cry as much Poppy, everyday, like before when you left. I promised you to be strong and I am really really trying to make you very proud of me. I know your friends and family here miss you as much as I do. I wanted to travel to Mexico to visit your family but alas that did not happen, I wanted to see Edwin and the babies, your sisters, and Patti. They all miss you terribly. I know Poppy, time heals all wounds but a broken heart is the biggest wound to heal, and I am struggling to heal this broken soul.

Poppy, trust in me when I say, yes, I am taking steps and they are small steps with hiccups along the way of course you already know all this. I understand Poppy you are with me and offering me guidance for this I am truly grateful! YOU know what is in my heart and I am looking for you to help me cross the divide.

Poppy, I need to start turning off the lights that are left on for you to come home, but you are home and I need to say goodbye, the day and time is coming for me to release your spirit into the wind so you can fly and be totally free! I do promise this to you today Sunday June 6, 2021. I will set you free and free both of our souls and we will walk together one day again and I know you will have that big SHITTY Grin your face when you see your Pandies and I will be ever so happy to be with you on the right hand of GOD!

Tu eres mi corazón siempre toda mi vida! Tu sabes tu eres mi vida! Poppy, sabes que eres mi vida y ahora nuestras vidas son diferentes, y es hora de que siga adelante y comience de nuevo. Necesito tu bendición y tu amor para seguir adelante. Tú entiendes!

It will never be goodbye Poppy it will be until we meet again. YOU are and will always be my number 1!

Till next time!


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