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Social Engagement! What does that mean to you!

I am blown away today! Why you ask? Well, it has been a hot minute since I have travelled outside of Wilmington, and not only due to the loss of Paco, but also due to the "COVID-19", which derailed the nation to a complete standstill for almost 1 year or so. For those who were dealing with loss during this time, were also faced with many personal challenges as well. Being cooped up in your house and only going to the store for the necessity of items, it was difficult.

For those who are working from home and love it---and there are some working from home who miss the interactions of the office, or just being around people. Not saying missing the "he/she said gossip meal" but actually conversation of how is life treating you, what have you been doing, and how is the family and what will you be doing this weekend--or how was your weekend! For those still working in the office environment they are still having these little tete and taking them for granted. Those who are still working from home, have to find ways to engage with others for conversations and interactions.

So, my trip yesterday took me on the road for 2 hours, and had wonderful time with my Mom on the trip up and back. Being around other people and engaged in social conversation is very stimulating for the brain! With that being said: Who are we to judge others, on how they dress, what they eat, and how they feel. They are looking for stimulation from others as well, and they may not have the funds needed to purchase new items; such as clothes, shoes, and undergarments. SO, please be mindful when you interject a negative to those.

It truly amazes me everyday at the changes of society as a whole, and individual change or self growth. I follow some women on instagram who have learned to embrace their interbeauty and it is so disheartening to see how many "NEGATIVE" comments are blasted on their boards. WELL, I for one am embracing my age, my hair color and my weight status! I am not skinny by no means, but I am learning to become healthier by my choices of what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. I love to empower others and I do hope that when I write I am able to hit home to one soul! IF she can do so can I! That is all it takes for one person to make a change. Are you that person, or are you still in the doubting phase of your own self growth and confidence?

Take it from someone who has learned that life is short and can be gone in a blink of an eye! We never know when GOD will call us home, so you must take today and seize the moment. Tell those who are in our life that you LOVE THEM- IF THEY ARE CLOSE BY WALK OVER AND GIVE THEM A BIG BEAR HUG! These little things mean the most to those closest to us and will carry the biggest smile to their heart! I cannot do this the one I would love to hug and kiss right now! Yet, I feel he knows this everyday!

I truly do appreciate all the love and kindness that has been bestowed upon me by all my friends, family and social media platforms. I truly am thankful to you all for following me and supporting me over the last couple of years and hopefully will continue to follow my journey wherever the road leads.

Much love and kindness!

Till next time!


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