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Ending 2021!

Hello fellow readers! Wow, can you believe that 2021 is coming to an end...tomorrow is the last day of this year....and so much has transpired, changed, this year from last. I can only hope that 2022 brings everyone JOY, HAPPINESS, NEW LOVE, RENEWED LOVE, and all things you are putting into your bucket list! These are some photos from this year...changes coming! Stay tuned!

As for me and my dreams....well...for now they are just a dream...a wish....a what if....and finding myself....will be apart of this journey. You see just because we become a year older, a year wiser, or just old LOL!!! Doesn't mean we stop living, dreaming, wishing.....we just change the priority of our dreams, wishes, and lives....You know my mantra for this year was 63 & ME! Well...I will be turning 64 this coming year....and WOW! I can hardly believe that SHIT! Who would have thought....

One thing is for sure. My love for Paco (Poppy) will never die, will never change....and hopefully one day...I will be able to face Christmas morning....with only a few tears of sadness.....or no tears....but only joy and praise for the man who loved me unconditionally for 20 years.....he never judged me, he never took me for granted...he stood tall beside me, and loved me for ME.....the sassy frassy GIRL I am....with a big heart of gold for those who are lucky enough to have me in their lives....

I will try and post a goodbye to 2021 tomorrow....if not then this is my farewell to 2021...and will ring in the new year....for new challenges, new dreams, new love (we shall see), for all those nosey readers...wandering does she or doesn't she......we shall see...stay tuned for me on that water front!!! LOL!!! Hugs to all....kisses to all!! My love to you all!!!

till next time!


PS. I love you, Te quiero, Goodbye, Adios, Happy New Year, あけましておめでとう

Akemashite omedetō a change up...guess the language!

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