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Easter Sunday

Hey Paco! I know you love this picture of you and Nana! Taken on Mother's' day a few years back. Well, well, it going to be Easter here shortly and hard to believe how time is flying by and how much has changed in the last 4 years, yes, yes, heading into year 4 without you and seems like yesterday, we are doing fun things, and enjoying life and eating and laughing. Boy, how I sure do miss those times and miss you.

Yes, yes, I still cry sometimes, when I hear a song, and or think about something fun and exciting that we did together, I sure do miss walking with you are the park in Raleigh, or going to flea market on Sunday mornings, and just hanging out.

I have to say my life is very different now, it is still hard for me to find joy in the little things, like I used to do! Or just enjoy a good laugh at nothing at all. Most especially, everyone has dissipated from my life, as they find it hard to relate to a widow I guess. Or maybe they really were not true friends, as they claimed to be. Yes, yes, Poppy I am still working out and trying to eat better, or I should eat a little bit more than I usually do. Somedays, I eat more than others LOL! I know, the better the food, the better the health and all the jazz! You used to joke with me about being a "Nun", well, well, it's deep Poppy! but so so true at this point and time. I do hope you and Kitty met in heaven, and are enjoying each other company. Midnight Ryder, is missing him so, she still roams the house looking for him, and sometimes I do as well. She has been crying a lot more lately too! You would have loved her so, she loves to play and run thru the house and skids on the floor...she is hoot and holler!

Came home last evening and frog was sitting on the window driving her crazy. It did not move at all. Just sat there....I suppose it was you visiting and checking things out! LOL. She is a good mouser..or bug catcher....she leaves me treats in the morning sometimes. UGH!

Oh, I wish we could have one more day, one more hour, one more year, but alas, that is not so, and I must find peace and joy, in solace. That is easier said than done, when we spent 20 years together and you were my person, my everything. Sometimes, I wish life could have been different, but alas, this is the path that "GOD" has put us on! I must prevail and be strong as I said all those years ago! I know, I know only 4 but feels like 400 more!

Well, let me bid you a fond farewell Poppy! Until we meet again, just remember, how much I love you, and you are in my heart, and I will be strong for you....and me! I can't promise but I will try!

Te quiero muchisimo mi corazón! I love you from here to there!

till next time!


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