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Hey my fellow readers! Loyal friends! This picture was taken a few days back! Some may know I became an ordained minister! So, this photo was taken before I preformed my first vow renewal ceremony! They have been married 35 years! Was is so amazing is this was my second biggest life event without Poppy, and I made it thru without tears! I know he was there with us! The yellow butterfly 🦋 kept flying beside me, at the park, then the restaurant, and the walk down by the water 💦.

It was a truly magical day, with old friends and new friends. Celebrating 🥳 love 💕 with my friends.

My anniversary is coming in about three weeks! We would have been married 21 years! OMG! But we now celebrate Paco’s 3rd heavenly anniversary and his birthday 🎂 in heaven! Time is going fast, time is changing me, my life, my heart ♥️!!

A big moment will be heading my way this month. Hopefully my first wedding 💒 ceremony! Bringing 2 together to become 1! How exciting. I pray 🙏🏼 I can be strong and happy for new dreams!!

It truly is amazing how 2.5 years has flown by, yet feels like yesterday he was here then gone!

Poppy I love 💕 you today and always! You were my best friend! My savior, my rock, my every thing! Yes! Poppy I am taking care! I am trying so hard to be strong 💪🏻 like I promised!! Some days are harder than others! I don't stop the tears! When my heart aches for you!! I do try to think of happy times we did! I know you celebrated your saint day in heaven!! Oh! Exciting news Poppy!! I ordered Tamales 🫔 to celebrate you! With my students next week! Yes! Yessi is making them for me! She is a gem!!

Well, Poppy, time to rise and shine! Start my engine get moving, shine bright for someone who needs a smile!! Love you till the end of time Poppy! Love Pandies. !!!💋💕

Till next time!


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