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Love Thy Self!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Well Howdy folks! Yes, I know you have missed terribly, as I have missed myself recently! So, we all know how life throws us curves balls every now and then, and like so many others, we find it difficult to manage those curve balls, called life! Yep, you got it, you begin to sink into a self proclaimed state of mind, and you are afraid to peek outside this state of mind, for fear you might enjoy what life has to offer! I know right so many of you are thinking "WOW" how did she know that was how I was feeling mentally and or physically. Well we are all human and some point in time we begin to feel somewhat the same.

However; each of us will find our own inner peace and strength to combat the feelings we are going through and our family members must give us the space we need to reach our pathway to sanity. I know you are asking how does this relate to weight loss, well, I am so glad you asked. When we are in this state of mind, and this state of mind causes us to not think clearly and thus impacts our food choice judgement. YES, that so true. When you feeling down and blue do you automatically go to comfort food, I know I sure do! Unless you are well trained in your thought process! LOL :) Cause I know for a fact I am not! With that being said, I have purchased this awesome product called Keto Chow! Recommended to me by a new friend who has been drinking this shake mix for some time! I must say low in carbs, and high in protein! What you are saying is "HOW" is that possible! All shakes are high in carbs. Well they have taken into consideration the "Heavy Cream, and mix and all the ingredients and submized the caloric intake and carb intake! SO if you are tracking with FITBIT or another app, the total calories for one shake is 540 and carbs are 9. Unless you count 'net carbs' which I do not then they are "4" or something like that. Right on with the fiber.

With that being said you can have two shakes a day and very high protein, high fat diet in the evening and I guarantee you will see the weight drop off. I went to the doctors a few months back for a regular check-up, as you all know when we reach a certain age we must go more frequently. LOL! I did lose 5 lbs, oh yea baby! I digress, so the point of this story is stay true to you and be strong because in the end you are the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS!

God Speed!


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