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Winter and Food!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


Well today is Friday and this week, has been extremely busy, and crazy with all the winter weather and snow! The south is never prepared for SNOW as this is the unnorm for this area. SO with that being said how many took this time to eat bunches and bunches of carbs and just your food plan out of the water! Cause we all know that carbs and winter go hand-in-hand and sometimes we feel this is just what the DOC order for us to chow on!

With that being said, do not beat yourself up to much! It will all be OK, and just remember not to be afraid to get back on track with your program! Life does not stop because of one food choice mistake, life continues to move on it YOUR choice to keep following the same destructive path! YES, I know all too well this PATH of

DESTRUCTION! But alas I digress.

SO the question to you is what plans do you have for the month of January to meet your short-term goal and what are some of the steps you are going to do meet this goal! Right now I just need to take down my Christmas Tree.....yes, I know right! I have never been this late taking down Christmas but alas I had other things to do and when I get home I but tired! LOL!

Keep up the goal and strides you have made thus far and believe in yourself!

God Speed!


#Exercise #Foodchoices

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