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Christmas & Food Choices!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Merry Christmas! Well Christmas has come and gone and like so many I am sure you did not make the best food choices, or then again maybe you have depending on your inner strength!

As for me I have been under the weather so most of my food choices were chicken noodle soup and chicken noodle soup. Then I was able to eat some turkey and little tiny bit of mashed potatoes and vegetables it was so good!

I have also realized that as I get older it does sometimes make it harder to eat certain food and keep the weight off as our metabolisms changes so much during this time frame.

Do you all remember how I have followed the low carb diet and lost over 50 lbs, and then life changed dramatically, and with this change came my food choices changes. SO, I would say yes I had control over what went into my mouth everyday since then. BOY, let me tell you it has been hard very very hard to get back into the swing of things.

So what are some of the ways do you all stay true to yourself and to your daily struggles for losing weight and keeping the weight off? What type of exercises do you all do as well?

Do you feel running is best?

Do you feel jogging is best?

Do you feel using the treadmill works best for you?

Do you feel walking helps?

Let's hear from you on what you do to stay lean and mean!

God Speed!


#Foodchoices #Exercise

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