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Count Down

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Good Evening~ I know you are asking "countdown" to what? Well to the weigh in time which is coming up next Friday! I am working extra hard these last 2 weeks with staying strong with in the structured format in doing a low carb diet. On a side note I did find a great cookie that only has 8 carbs...and they are so good. The one I like the most is the salted caramel and they are sold in "Walmart" with five to box or singular at Krogers. They are called power crunch. Oh so good you need to try one and you will be in love! LOL.... Each day comes with challenges the best way to overcome these challenges is face the day one hour at time or if need be one minute at a time. So many times we focus on the whole day and then we become overwhelmed with the task ahead of us. As a society we all take giant steps instead of taking smaller steps to reach the goal we have set forth for ourselves. Do you review your goal daily and then say I have accomplished a portion of the goal. I know you are asking what do you mean? Well when you plan for the day Do you pack your lunch and then stay true and eat the lunch you have packed, if you answer yes, then you reached one of your goals. If you go and buy lunch you did not stay true to what you set for yourself on this day. Yes or No? So on a different path today. I have joined this app called "sparkpeople" and it is very interesting. They have Dieticians, life coaches and other who supply blog post on various food choices, exercise and life in general. When you read an article you gain points and when you track your food, exercise and water intake you gain points too. I enjoy this app very much. I have been reading as much as I can on exercising and the difference between cardio workout and strength training. It very amazing how much weight training will help you to lose more weight than just doing cardio. So I have been increasing my weight training, and still doing my cardio. I have a program that only takes 6 minutes per day and you will never believe this but it does work the whole body in just 6 minutes a day! I know I know what you are thinking yeah yeah yeah! How can that possibly work. Well I am living proof. I have dropped my pants size to a size 12 and other styles a size 16 oh hell yeah! Just by doing this program for the last 35 days or more. I am open to hear what program you follow and how does this program increase your target heart rate and does this help to clear the cobwebs out? God Speed


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