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RSA Universal Authentication The RSA universal authentication solution provides end-to-end encryption across all networks, data centers, and operating systems, to prevent the risk of data theft. With RSA Universal Authentication, our partners and customers can: Optimize data throughput, regardless of network performance, by encrypting data without the need for costly, time-consuming, and difficult manual integration. Seamlessly integrate with their environments and eliminate integration challenges due to PCI DSS requirements, per customer requirements and due to EU regulations. All customer data is secured through the latest encryption algorithms and industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocols, and is protected through RSA’s data sovereignty model. Data sovereignty means that all customer data remains under RSA’s control, RSA cannot access this data, and that customer data is not accessed by RSA, which means that if an authorized employee is required to access customer data, the data is managed directly by the authorized employee. With RSA Universal Authentication, customers can easily and securely encrypt data at the device level, at the session level, at the network level, and at the enterprise level, regardless of whether the customer is connected to a private, public or hybrid network. Enable the multi-factor authentication In today’s hyperconnected environment, the need to protect data and transactions has never been greater. The RSA universal authentication solution enables multi-factor authentication for your customers, eliminating the need for us to have access to your customer data and the risk of data theft. Download our Data Governance Checklist: Note: This checklist is designed to assist with RSA Universal Authentication compliance. This checklist should not be used to replace compliance with any other RSA product, service or initiative. Overview To ensure PCI DSS compliance, we have used a shared messaging model between RSA and our customers. RSA is responsible for the communication of PCI DSS compliance information to RSA customers, and RSA customers are responsible for communicating this information to their RSA partners. RSA’s services are billed separately from RSA’s PCI DSS services. If a customer does not pay for RSA services, RSA will not have access to any of your customer’s data. This includes data from RSA and non-RSA solutions. RSA does not have access to your customers’ data. Service and Data Governance Checklist: Note: The following is a summary of the service and data




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Keygen InfraWorks 2018 jereall

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