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Widowhood and Valentines Day

Hello fellow readers! It has been a hot minute since I wrote anything or felt the love for writing. Writing comes from the heart and for this heart, it has been hard lately. Many things going on, and now with this day "Being VALENTINES" the biggest love day of the year, yet many couples do not realize LOVE IS NOT BASED ON ONE DAY! IT is based on a lifetime of commitment to the sanctuary of marriage and loving one another thru the good times and bad times. Many things transpired over the 20 years of marriage between Paco and myself, and many things changed, over the course of our marriage as well. BUT one thing always remained consistent (Never ending LOVE)!!! How many can honestly say they have never ending love, and love each other thru all the good days and bad days, and yes we have those. It is a part of life.

I follow some various sites on instagram for widows, widowers, and those dealing with grief, loss of fur babies as well. One thing, that I have learned over the course of the last three years, is learning how to socialize again. Yes, yes, socialization is one thing that dissipated when Paco passed away. IT's hard to be around those celebrating love and joy, when you know you are going home to an empty house, and not being able to hold that person, or fur baby again. Loss is never easy, albeit divorce, death, and/or breakup after a long term relationship has ended, and this includes losing your fur babies as well.

All things change, with friends and family as well. Oh, they say ,I am here but are they really, they say, let's grab a bite to eat, but do they really want to spend time with a lonely old lady, who wants to reminisce about the lost love. How many really want to keep hearing the same stories over and over, yet, that is how we keep them alive in our hearts it is from the memories of what WE ONCE HAD!!! Yes, what we HAD~!!! Because our "HAD" is no more. So, take the time to ensure if you have friend who has faced loss, and is feeling sad today, reach out and tell them, HI!! Just a simple hello will do, and that will make all the difference in the world to those facing "VALENTINES DAY" alone, and thinking about the loss of love! They see you with all they have lost! They see you with all the joy, and the love, and they have the kind to those facing loss today.

Loss is hard, living alone is even harder, and remember, they are missing this one who is now in heaven, looking down.

Remember to be kind, remember to be strong, and remember learning to socialize is even harder for those facing loss.

till next time!


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