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Widow Life Ups and Downs!

Good morning! It has been a hot minute since, I have written on here, had to review and update somethings. But I will be back for at least one more year....working, typing and growing. It's hard to believe that Paco has been gone for three years, this past Christmas morning, and this christmas was different for me in many ways.

I started the day off with cooking all Paco's favorite foods, Carnitas, Frijoles, and Carne De Res, had some family members over to eat and celebrate in his name. Then, of course my traditional tradition is to watch his funeral and say goodbye to him as another years go past without him beside me. I know some of you are thinking why do you do that to yourself, well, it is the very last thing I have of him and just my way of coping with him being gone.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with grief loss and such. Who are we to sit in judgement of how someone is dealing with loss, and even though it has been three years, the hardest time will always be from November to December for me, and then then the days in between when you just have a memory and sit and cry, let the tears flow as they are the healing tears, no matter the reason for the cry.

For those who follow me on here, on instagram, or TIXTOX, thanks you so much. It means the world to me. For the past three years, I have been trying to put my health first as well, so i am not almost to my first 10i0 pounds of weight loss, YES< YES< you are in shock, but those that new me prior saw the big girl, PHAT girl, or morbidly obese girl, and has been a struggle, still a struggle, but the inches are coming off faster than weight, cause I have gone from size 22/24 pants to size 14 in the past three years. So, be the slow and steady and work work work......just be consistent in the plan you choose. Sending much love and kindness to you all that follow me!

till next time!


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