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Valentine’s Day! Widow style!

Hello fellow readers! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!! Big day for candy makers, flower shop owners, stuffed animals!! Many things, some women/men like, and things many do not!! I know for me, showing love every day is priceless, a kiss here, a hug there, stolen moments of laughter! To me that is Valentine’s Day!! The stores are pacJed with last minute shoppers…oh my oh my oh my!! Running frantically what to do what to do! One time long ago there was this man my husband Paco, who figured out his wife lol 😂 I know me!! Understanding she loved simplicity!! Bless his heart ❤️!! With only $5.00….in his pocket, he knew what I wanted or needed…& he bought me my makeup 💄 mirror!! That I have to this day!! And he drew my card!! Yes! You guessed…”hello kitty” made for me out of love from his heart ♥️!! I know some will be like what…but it was the greatest gift 🎁 of all!! Why, it was pure love 💕 from his heart ♥️ to mine!! I do not have that! Again this year!! I have emptiness…loneliness..,, and Valentine’s Scrooge!!

I will not take away your joy, or happiness from what you receive or give!! just remember there are many lonely 😞 hearts 💕 tomorrow!! Be kind, be thoughtful. till next time! cher-

ps. I love you 💕 for loving me! good bye! Adiós!

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