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Truth & Honesty!

So, yesterday was Mother's Day. A day we spend honoring those that have taught about life lessons, and the most important life lesson is how to be truthful and honest. Not just when someone is asking you a question "OF COURSE" you should always be truthful. But this post is about being truthful to oneself, and being honest with oneself. Those are the 2 most difficult things one can be to oneself. Truthful and honest. Cause, when you stop and reflect on these 2 words, they really make you stop and see what is going behind the scenes of one's life.

For example, if you are in relationship and you believe wholeheartedly what someone is telling, or you hear that same voice in the back of you your head is sending an alarm signal, which are you going to listen to you? This is where truth and honesty come into play. Why you ask, cause that person has been singing the same song for how long now? And the alarm has been going off for how long now? So, the question becomes are you being truthful to yourself, and are you being honest? These 2 words go hand-in-hand like peanut butter -n- jelly but of course my all time favorite food meal! LOL! :) I digress. But sometimes you have to joke at yourself to find the right answer or course of action to take to have faith.

It took a me a hot minute to have faith in myself and to move into a different direction and to follow my heart. I am not saying this was not a good thing, at the time maybe, or maybe not. For right now, I am working thru all my personal flaws and man there are many. Yes, those that know me already know this. But the one flaw, I really need to hone is my trust factor, taking what you say to me at face value! TRUST is what gets all into trouble with our Truth and Honesty factor of ourselves! How many have given trust to someone to only have it broken and then you say to yourself: "WHAT IF", well stop. We are all human and we allow our emotions to control what is real vs. not real.

Mistakes are what helps each of us to grow and become the person we are today, or the person we will be tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week. We drive the bus on how we feel, what we feel and how to jump over the next hurdle standing in our way!

The question begets today "Have you been truthful and honest with yourself today" yesterday is gone and water under the bridge you cannot change the course from yesterday you can only change the course from today! So, be honest and truthful today with yourself. You may not like the answer or outcome, but in the long run you will be much happier!

Till next time!


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