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True Love & Menopause! How do you feel about this?

This is a question to couples. How many feel that his/her spouse understands the need for communication and how communication affects the marriage, or relationship. How many feel that her husband, significant other understands what happens to women during menopause? Not many really understand the nature of menopause....cause some feel this topic is not and this is a fact of life...and women face this challenge everyday. Hot flashes, mood swings, high's lows, depression, and other topics that you need to research to understand fully. For the sake of this article. This has to do with my life and my love and understanding from my husband, and the open communication we had during this trying time in life.

Menopause can break a solid foundation of the couples are not willing to speak about the changes, that are going to occur or are occurring.....women will need to be treated with kid gloves during this time. The emotional state is trying enough, without worrying about how the husband is going to react. If you do not communicate to your spouse/significant other, they are not going to know how to deal with the shit storm that is brewing. And that is what it is! Plan and simple.

Women you have take control over the situation and be honest to your husband/significant other, cause if you are not they will be stepping out to find what they feel they are missing.....your body is changing and only temporarily....cause all your feelings will eventually come back and harder than before. But during this phase....your desire will be different and you need to explain this to the partner.

Touchy feeling....and other emotions will be like....get away from me...and also have to consider your partner's feelings and needs as well.....

When my life started to change....I communicated to Paco hey, this our life for the next however experience menopause.....he was very understanding and we worked thru some of the rough patches.....and he stood by me. Why cause he loved me for me. Do you love your partner....then tell them what you need and how when, where, and why.....with anything in life, you are the driver of the bus....and control the situation. I am thankful I had a loving and understanding partner...till the very end. Not all will have this...but you don't know if you do not share your concerns, feelings, and of luck to all you ladies...who will, who are and who have passed......over the hump! IT will get better, I do promise you this......

Enjoy your partner....enjoy your only live once!

Till next time-


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