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The Heart is like a Flower!

Hello fellow readers! It has been a hot minute since the inspiration to write something. How many have heard the song by Bette Midler the "ROSE", that song resonates to me on how life needs love, tenderness, passion, that helps to heal the broken heart.

It came to me last evening, that a broken heart is just like a wilting flower! What you say, how can that be. Well, when the flower is wilting, you find water to feed the flower, and place in the sunlight to give it love and some will even talk to the plants to offer them comforting words. Well....the heart is the same, it needs love, tenderness, kind words, to help the heart mend from being does not matter the cause of the break....BUT it does matter what WORDS are being spoken to this broken heart. Filling the heart with love, laughter, and patience is the best medicine to heal the heart. Sometime the healing process can take some time....and those offering love and understanding need to have patience for the person who has the broken heart, as it is finding its way to healing.

With all things in life, patience, love and understanding are the main ingredients in a healthy relationship, and trust is a big factor in a relationship repairing trust is the hardest once this has been broken. Allowing each other growth, and then being able to grow together as one unit.

Life is crazy 24/7...and this changes the status of any relationship. I remember so long ago, when the stores were closed on Sunday, and the family spent the day going to church, and then going home, and children playing outside, while Mom cooked a hot meal, and the family came together to spend time. During this time, conversations were made, getting to know what the other faced during the week, and what plans were being made for the following week. This is so lost now, with the stores open, and families being torn apart, cause a single Mom, or Dad have to work to support the family and closeness is being lost.....this hurts my heart today, as I miss with this Paco. We followed the old way....we spent every Sunday, together, going to church, sometimes we came home and cooked, laughed, danced, and sang together and sometimes, we would go downtown and walk the riverfront, and enjoy the it's just a day alone....and this hurts my heart....I miss the Sunday family day.

I pray this for each of you reading this to find time to love, pray, and find family time to sing, dance, and enjoy a good hearty meal as one unit. Cause one day this will be gone....and you will find yourself alone, and sad....and this is not a good feeling.....any day of the week but most especially on SUNDAY! For those that believe in a higher power....this day was made for resting and finding connection with your family.

Sorry....will get off my box of tissues now....and face the day....I hope you find joy and happiness today and always.

till next time!


PS. I love you for loving me! Good bye, Adios!

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