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Thanksgiving-What does this day mean to you?

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks for many, and for many its a day of grieving. The loss of someone, the decision to to turn off the life support, the last day for many to be together. As, for me it a day to begin the countdown to the worst nightmare of my life in 4 weeks. Yet, many tell me get over, learn to move on, life is life and with life comes death. Yes, death is the ultimate factor of living here on earth. do you tell your heart to not ache, not to break, and how to be happy again? This is the organ which gives you most joy, when you see someone, hear a voice, and or just know they are going to walk thru the door and smile big at you. Yet, this organ is also the one that feels the pain, the sadness, the loss of joy, when that person is no longer going to walk thru the door, tell you they love you, or smile big, and say the the words you long to hear "I LOVE YOU"! Yes....the magic words....from the heart....."I LOVE YOU", yet....those facing loss do not get to hear those words from the one they love. So, for the ones, who have not lost a spouse....please be soft and gentle to those who are dealing with loss during the holidays.....and please be gentle to those who have lost a child, mother, and or family members....for them this day is about memories....and keeping them alive so they can feel joy and happiness with the members they are celebrating with today. Kindness goes a long way!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! May you find peace, joy and comfort in knowing your loved one is with you today......and find compassion for those facing loss.

Till next time-


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