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Sneak Peek!

It’s late, my mind is going 100 miles per hour, with no end in sight!! I know you are asking why!! Well, many reasons. Sometimes you find yourself in a pattern, and believe that pattern is the pattern, and all of sudden the pattern changes, and you are like ‘ shut the front door’ what just happened. So, my question is do you continue, or allow the pattern to change? Knowing many things will change at the same time, if you veer right or left!! Life will always have curve balls, sliders, fast pitch & slow pitch. How do we know which is right? Well unfortunately we do not have a magic wand to say- go right, turn left or stay the course. Only your heart ❤️ knows what is best for you!! If life was easy, then there wouldn’t be divorces, broken heart 💔. All these changes make us who we are, builds our character to be better than before!! I keep learning about myself and the mysterious mystery that is unknown and unfolding in my life!!

Many things are on the horizon to which I am excited about and scared 😱 at the same time!! But! It is all good!! Finding ones self is part of the new journey, you can’t be afraid to jump on the train 🚂 and ride!! just know that you are not alone on the train 🚂!!

Till next time!!


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