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Selfless Act of Kindness

Hello fellow readers and followers. First let me say thank you. It has been hot minute since, I have taken the time to write. First thing, I am thinking of removing my website, as it seems many of my so called friends/followers, have blocked me and are no longer interested in reading about how a widow tries to find peace and happiness in the eyes of loneliness. Well. I digress. One of things that have helped to survive the past few years, is writing, as the words help to heal the heart, and find solace in words that come straight from the heart.

I know you are saying....forget those people, who have moved and blocked you. Well, the sad part, was I "thought" they were friends. But in actuality they were fair weathered friends/ frenemy's" meaning, I could no longer give what they needed from me,'s deep. For those that still read and follow, I am grateful for your kindness....The topic today is about a friend who has stayed true to her friendship with me over the past 2.5 years, since the loss of Paco. Her birthday was last week, and we celebrated yesterday, with a lunch....and during our conversation, I mentioned to her that I had been wanting a donut and coffee from Dunkin Donuts...and I felt it too frivolous for me for spend money on this small item. SO! This morning! She went to Dunkin Donuts and brought me a donut and coffee! NOW friends that is true friendship and kindness that goes above and beyond! Her family always include this old lady (widow) in all their holiday's and take me out to dinner and ensure I am not alone on the holidays! And/or weekends....she is always taking me out to lunch and shopping. Makes feel needed, when I can help her and her husband with their son.

How many can say they have a true friend....or someone they can count on when the chips are down, and will be there for them, when life turns topsy turvy? Yes, I have some long distance friends, who check on me now an again. Well. I wanted to say thank you to this family and for them I am forever grateful for not deserting a widow....who did not chose to become a widow, the choice was made by the almighty with calling Paco (Poppy) home to be my forever angel from heaven! But he has given me a forever angel in this friend as well. and for this I am forever grateful!

YES! YES! I know you are asking yourself, HOW WAS THE DONUT AND COFFEE! IT WAS SO SO SO SO GOOD! LOL :) !!! I am thinking of shutting down my website and blog site....and moving to the google blogger, as this is something I do not need to pay for and deem frivolous spending of $. Thanks to a special secret friend that helped to keep this site alive for this year, I am forever grateful as well. But alas, I need to reevaluate my ability to spend on FRIVOLOUS SPENDING! Most especially when I am not hitting a large audience. Need to revamp my life...and find other ways to bring joy to my lonely life!

thanks again fellow readers! I thank you from the bottom of this old ladies heart! YES. YES.YES. I am not getting any younger....but enjoying my life as 63 & ME this year....will soon be turning 64 LOL! OMG! The wheels keep turning and moving forward.

till next time!


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