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Self Reflection!

Hey! Just sitting outside enjoying the sun sunshine, eating my breakfast, eggs, bacon, and cup of coffee. Thinking about you and me one day enjoying breakfast with the munchkins on the patio. Also went back and reread some of my stories for inspiration today.

Looking back can stop your negativity from stopping your outlook on life changes.

Showing slow changes, big changes, the progression of life.

Some times we can’t see how much we have grown or changed, till we look back at the story, and reflect on wow, that was me then, this is me now. I can only hope I am better, or heading down the right path.Self reflection is hard. Yet, is required for inner personal growth.

What are some of your inner personal growth you have seen about your self over the last year or so?

What are some other things you would like to do differently, work on to enhance your self awareness? Just food for thought.

till next time! cher-

ps! I love you 💕

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