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Rejoice in Life, Love and Happiness!

Good morning! Today is a glorious day to be alive. We have so many things to be thankful for. I am truly blessed for the love of so many during the time of loss that I faced over the past year and half. Loss is never is easy and learning to grow from loss is the biggest challenge ever, but at the same time the most rewarding for embracing life to enjoy the the time that I have here on this earth, before returning home.

I am still learning to embrace life, with changes, from where I was, to where I am, to where I will be. You cannot truly understand the transformation of one person, unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, and that would be not be fair to anyone. I have heard a song from Alicia Keys the other day, messing around on my instagram page: "This girl is on fire" has now become my daily mantra, and hopefully will help me to understand me, who I am where I am going and what is the ultimate goal of what "GOD" has in store me. My heart is filled with love, and kindness, and sometimes this can be detrimental to the soul, but at the same time self rewarding, in knowing you helped someone to achieve a goal, or dream or change the path of his/her journey.

We are all put on this earth to impact someone, even if only for a fleeting minute or for a lifetime. Sometimes, I feel lonely, but I am never alone, as I walk with "GOD" who is guiding me every inch of the way. I watched the funeral of my loving Paco on Friday, and saw the sadness on my face, and felt the heaviness in my heart, as I felt like my life was over, and had died with him on that fateful day. Alas, I am a live, and living and coming out of the darkness of loss, and learning to embrace the light that is coming before me.

Each person will find his/her light at the end of the dark path, and when they see the light, the new journey of life will begin and this can be frightening at times, but you have to have faith this is the path now bestowed upon you by "GOD", and do not be afraid to take the journey. If you do not take the journey then you do not know what is in store for you, and the the growth potential to gain from the journey. Who life you may have an impact on, and whose life you can change during this journey?

I am learning to embrace life, as one but also learning to love me, and learning to see other families as whole, and not being saddened with the loss of losing my one and only Paco! I know he is with me everyday, and smiling and rejoicing that I am now smiling!

Do not kid yourself, the struggle is real and the loneliness is real albeit at the same time self growth is the best medicine to learn to jump back on the horse and relearn to ride again!

Till next time!


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