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Poppy miss you terribly!!

Hey Poppy!! Hope you are doing well in heaven today!! Cause I am sure as hell not doing well today!! I needed you today to help me, and it’s been awhile since I’ve needed you, for whatever the reason today I did!! I guess with Father’s day around the corner just caught me off guard!! Also missing your hugs 🤗 they always made me feel safe and loved. Not feeling loved 🥰 is hard. Not being able to talk to you is hard. So, many things are pissing me off-! Just know I love you 💕 as much today as the first day we kissed all those years ago!! I am not sure I will have that magic 🪄 again!! Tu sabes las cosa!! Si-!!

You never ghosted me, never went to bed without saying good night 🌙, I love you 💕!! You were always there for me-even when I did not believe in myself!! For this I am truly blessed 😇!! I know next week is fathers day!! Please hug 🤗 Poppy Paco for me!! Send hugs 🤗 kisses 😘 to you!! I am waiting for your Heavenly hug poppy.

love you miss you 😘!!


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