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Pass on a smile!

What brings you happiness? The love of your children, the smile of your grandchildren, or the simple fact you are alive and able to enjoy one more day? Happiness comes in shapes and sizes and different perspective for everyone. What makes me happy may or may not make you happy, and that is why life is great!

I do know that a smile is infectious and when you offer a smile you will most definitely acquire a smile back. So do not be afraid to share our pearly whites to those you pass in the store, down the hall or anywhere you are walking past someone. That smile will be the highlight of that person's day, as they may have faced a loss that day, or was just yelled out some stranger, or boss and they are just feeling down! Be the joy that god wants you to be and this will spread like wildfire to all the world to see.

My wish is your have a peace and hope today and always!


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