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Paco's Heavenly Birthday!! November 6, 2021

Good morning! Yes, Poppy, this message is a day early....but you know....I was never one to hold a surprise or keep a secret when, I had something to share with you, or something for you. The Rose is in my backyard, and has been blooming all a symbol of your love for me.

So, I am sharing with those that let them know it will be 2 years this coming Christmas morning, since you have gone to heaven....and found peace. My life has been different since that fateful day....and let's just say....some days are better than others....but....I always remember the love you had for me, and the patience you had for me....and the understanding of my sassiness. For this I will always and forever love you.

This day is about you, and your birthday....I hope you are having a wonderful time in heaven with your heavenly family, and enjoying the beauty of what has been bask in the glory of the almighty. I do hope you are still singing and dancing.....and running free....and I do know you are watching over me.

Finding peace from within when. you lose the love of your the hardest, and yet, at the same time, life must continue to travel thru time and does not stop due to the loss of spouse, or other family member. It just changes....but the heart feels differently, and the heart is where we carry our emotions....and sometimes, others sit in judgement, or feel like they are offering words of kindness, when in fact they are offering judgement on how we should heal our hearts, move-on, get over it....but who are they to tell us how to grief, how to heal, and how to move on.

My wish today and tomorrow on your birthday is for you Poppy to have day filled with love, laughter, and joy, with your heavenly family.....and to know....I am celebrating you as well, for the love you bestowed upon me, and how you cared for me, during tough you did not judge me for decisions made out of haste, anger, or other turmoil. The world is missing your beautiful smile, and the way you made others feel while you were here on earth.

I love you from the depth of my heart today and long as I am breathing....on earth...I will celebrate you the love you bestowed upon me.....for your Birthday, our Anniversary in a few weeks....and the day you left earth to become an care for me from afar!

till next time!


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