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Outer beauty comes from within!

Was thinking today! How your inner beauty, brings a shine to your outer beauty! The looks, the glow, all this comes from putting your personal inner turmoil to rest and you find peace!

It’s truly amazing how we grow, face our inner turmoil, and one day the light shine! And you have that Aw ha moment of clarity.

Tonight I listened to some of our favorite songs, and danced with poppy! Oh how I miss dancing 💃🏼 with him! Tonight we danced! The wind 🌬 was blowing and moving slowly around while I was dancing! It was a good 😌 moment in time! Oh ask! Did I cry! I did not! I smiled up at the sky! Te quiero muchísimo mi corazón 💓! He was smiling ☺️ down on me!

I also heard him cheering 📣 me on today! Heading for the 3 mile mark on the machine! Go momma go! I did it! It was a mile stone accomplishment! Never have I ever gone over a mile on treadmill! This beast I do 2 miles! And 35-40 minutes!

Hopefully 🙏🏼 I can keep this going!

Well enough joyful news! For 1 day! Lol 😂!!

Till next time!


63 & Me! Only for a few weeks more! Then 64 and more! Lol 😆 I know not a day over 45!

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