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New Year New Beginning!

Wow! Can you believe we have survived another year, and made it thru Christmas, and new years eve! What a roller coaster ride this past year has been with all the life changing moments. Losing Paco, my friend Shari, and some of long time acquaintances from many years past, losing their husbands as well, and they are facing the first 365 days, and those days are the hardest. Learning how to live life without the other person who to turn to for questions, and support. Family and friends are wonderful for giving hugs and support. However; the heart aches for one person and one person only, albeit you will survive the lonely nights, as the memories flood in and take over the sadness. And the memories of the days past will take over, the deep long nights. It is easy to say they are at peace, the ones needing peace are the ones left behind to pick up and begin a new. The question becomes, how do we do this, what are the steps for building our lives differently. Well there really are not steps, other than trusting in "God" and what he represents to help you past the pain in the heart, and the grief you are feeling at this time.

I am trusting in the lord today and always to help me find the strength to move on, and carry on Paco's name in memory with this blog, and talking about him with friends and family and remembering his quirky personality and how it made feel. I hope those that lost someone this year, will lean on God and his the spirit of love, as they are always with us in some form or another. I am true believer in this!

Listening to Paco's favorite music is soothing, and helps to know we shared a love no greater than either of us. He was my biggest supporter with all I did, and he always told me to believe in me, and for this I am thankful. He would sing and dance for me when I was having a bad day, and that would make me smile, and feel better, this I miss daily physically, but I have my memories of his dancing and singing to help keep a smile on my face and this will help me to face the deep dark days, that will come randomly, and they will creep up on when you least expect it! The best thing to is not dwell on the sadness of loss but to remember the good times and how they impacted your life together and the love that was shared, thru the good and bad days.

My wish for you today is you have a blessed day, with your family and friends and enjoy the moment of life, as life is short and when you least expect it, it can change in a blink of an eye, and all that you had is changed!

God Speed! Cheryl-

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