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New Year! Do You Have A New YOU!

Good morning fellow readers! Let me start off with saying....thank you, for reading my post, following me on Instagram, or TIKTOX, or Facebook.....I do have a twitter account...but that is so hard to me to always use # before everything.....anyhoo! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WE HAVE MADE IT TO 2022! How awesome is that....I was surfing on Instagram and came across this page, and this reading. The JOY of Loving! It just resonated home with me...on how much, I have loved, how much, I have changed, and how much "BULLSHIT" I am no longer going to endure....and will leave it at that!

I have been noticing when I write certain things....I say "WE" place of "I".....and is no longer "WE" but mostly just "I".....that is hard for me...cause, I was a "WE" for so long...and now I am back to being and "I".....yet, sometimes when I write on here...I am referring to US as a WE for looking ahead, changing, movingon, finding peace, joy, happiness, and finding peace with LOVING YOURSELF! Remember, if you do not love who you are or find you are not in a good place, it does stagnate your ability to find true love, true happiness, true can that be.....well....(it's deep), if you are not happy with you....then how can you bring happiness to relationship? So, true. So, has been tested with so many various relationships. Those depending on others to make them happy....well (it's deep) that shit is not going to happen...unless you find your inner happiness....your inner self....your inner joy! I get it sometimes it hard, and sometimes fearful....yet, I truly believe you can do can find peace, you can find joy...and most of all you can find love, with yourself, then bring this love to others....

I have a friend....who tells me all the happy, and smile.....finding joy and peace in each day....will help you find inner peace....and sometimes I have to say this hard as "SHIT"....but right as "RAIN"....and for this I enjoy talking to this friend........Oh this person knows who they are.......I have many friends who are here for me....with words of encouragement and outpouring of love, and I am truly grateful for them....

Yet, for now....I will holiday was quite, peaceful, and of course, I missed Paco, but, I did cook some carnitas, Frijoles, and pico de gallo.....and loved the way my house smelled all full of Mexican heritage....his heritage...and reminded me of his love for me....his happiness when we cooked together....his joy....of telling his friends...when they asked....are you sure your wife is not mexican....and he would say...she is 100% mexican in her spirit...and for this I loved him....he was my biggest cheerleader in all I did...good, bad, indifferent...and he stood by me with this big ass smile.....and telling the world....if you hurt her Motherfucker....I am coming after you....SO, now I have to put on my big girl pants, and fight the dragon/slay the naysayers....and say "MOTHERFUCKER" get the HELL out of my way....cause she is BACK, and coming on like a category 5 HURRICANE! Watch out world. Cheryl A. Macias, is finding her MOJO...and hopefully will bring it this year!

Paco, I love you from now to eternity, and will always smile when I hear our songs, see you flying high....and soaring with the eagles.....and I know you are sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear.....YOU GOT THIS MOM! Ye, yes, yes, Poppy I do. With much love and sadness.....and joy.....I abide you a fond be fly in high in sky.....and I know you are with me today and always. For this I truly believe Poppy!

till next time!


PS. his nickname for me was Pandies....that is for another day....and time....well.. till then. I love you all....goodby, adios, tot ziens (do you know this language).....LOL.

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