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Natural Beauty

Happy Tuesday! Sometimes we get up and think, wow I wish I could be prettier, skinnier, wealthier! What you don't realize is you have all that already!

Your outer beauty reflects in your inner beauty, and your wealth comes from believing in you, your family and "GOD" and well being skinnier only has to do with societies perception. If you are healthy and able to move and walk, and sit and stand, and get about on your own you are in great start up shape. If you are working with a life coach, and finding ways to become healthier then you are on the right path to gain what you are wishing for.

The one thing we must do everyday is be thankful for what we have! Our ability to work, our ability to speak, our ability to tell someone we love them, our ability to show compassion to those less fortunate than us. If you have a job, be thankful. Don't be afraid to be thankful for your beauty, for your job, for your household items, and most importantly be thankful for friends and family! As we said yesterday, life is to short to be ungrateful for what we have! If we do not send love others then don't expect to receive love back!

Remember the road is a 2 way street-same as the phone-same as the text! Reach and hug someone via phone, text, or in person. They may need this hug more than you need to give that hug!

Be humble, be happy, be willing to accept what you cannot change but willing to change what you can. Remember you are the driver of the bus, car, motorcycle, you the ability to change your perception of life, of you and how others perceive you!

I am stepping out and posting this picture of the untouched version of Cheryl Macias aka Panda, Cher-, Cherbear, MamaC.....some of my nicknames by friends and family! I love each and everyone who follows me, and accepts me for all my flaws, for all my quirkiness, and snarking attitude sometimes. Yes, snarking attitude I take ownership LOL! That is what life is about! Taking ownership.

I am here for you!

Till next time!


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