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Moving Day!!

I know it is late, and I am laying here in bed!! So many thoughts 💭 swirling in my brain it will not slow down, and turn off!! Another new chapter starts tomorrow!! It has been a whirlwind ride these past few months!! My anxiety is off the chain, packing, loading unloading, getting the truck, how long before the madness stops!! Midnight Ryder is spending the night with Aunt Liz & Nana, and it is so quiet!! I am not used to her being gone!! UGh 😩!! So I am doing the next best thing to relax, write about what is on my mind. Feelings of dispare can cause many emotions of highs, lows, can I, can’t I, what if ....& they all drive us insane!! What are some ways to calm down—writing, reading, listening to soft music 🎼. We all have to find our inner peace when the mind races non stop 🛑!! I like to reflect on my life with Paco, my children, my family, friends, and my grandchildren!! Each brings me inner peace ☮️. When you feel over whelmed what do you do? Sometimes it is hard to not control what we have no control over!! Most especially our emotions. Say a daily prayer 🙏🏼 when you feel over whelmed with emotional baggage 🧳!! Let it go..move on and take a deep breath and breathe!!! I am excited 😊 about the move, anxious on the new beginning heading my way & I want to make sure not to lose sight of the life before, during, and after Paco!! The book 📖 of life is ever evolving. Stay tuned. Much love 💕 to all!


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