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Missing You!! 😔

Today started out like any normal day. But then my mind took a turn-to the left. I know you are asking what does that mean? Well! only 4 months till Christmas- yes the day of life changing for me. It brought on some tears, anxiety, and racing mind. This will be my 2nd birthday without Poppy-, and then comes November-his birthday 🥳 our anniversary, thanksgiving-then Christmas!! It was just spewing out-I could not turn off the faucet of tears and thoughts!! Damn it comes in waves!! Yet, I did get to met Edwin Mom Patty today. She came to visit me as she is here for her brothers funeral. How sad 😔 for us to meet!! Yet it brought me peace—of sorts. The mom of Edwin, son of Paco. Keeps apart of him alive !!

I know he stays with me in my heart ♥️!! I miss you terribly today Poppy!! I am trying really hard to to be strong as I promised you!! Today, I got back up and pushed ahead. Poppy you are with me every day-giving me strength and moving me forward. I love 💕 today and forever!! Pandies!!!

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