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Love, Loved, Missing Love!

We must love our self , before we can be in love!! Then we find someone and we are truly loved, for who we are, how we act around them, and they love us unconditionally!! So, how do you truly know what is love, being loved, and for some missing love! True love is when your partner, husband or significant other, takes the time to listen, and not judge you for your thoughts, or questions you will ask. They will sit with you in bad times, and not demand anything in return other than a sincere hug from you!! Missing love is when that special someone is taken away, before you have the chance to say goodby!! Today: I am missing love!!! He was taken to heaven, before I was ready to say goodby!! Yes, he is my angel watching over me; still does not lessen the pain!! Paco, Te querido muchísimo más demasiado para mi toda vida!! For now and always!! Be still my aching heart!! Till the end of time my Love!!! Te Amo para siempre!!


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