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LOSS & LOVE-Hand-in-Hand! What is your take on that?

Hey! It's been a hot minute since I have written to you all! I sure do hope this messages finds you all well and safe. Loss and love both go hand-in-hand with the cycle of life. I cannot believe that before we know it Christmas will be here! Wow!

Thought of christmas brings so many emotions to the forefront. Will this Christmas be different, will this Christmas be a day of happiness, or will this Christmas, still bring sadness with the thoughts of waking up and he is gone. We cannot control our emotions and when or where we may have a break down and cry. The loss of love not only affects, those who have lost a loved one, but also affects in the loss of marriage, loss of friendship! It's a roller coaster ride, of emotions, the one thing to remember is your journey, and how you want to navigate the loss, is totally up to you and you alone! Do not allow to steer your bus, you are the driver, and its. your new beginning, your new chapter and the waters maybe muddy in the beginning, but the water will become clearer as the emotions start to come under control. SO, if you need to cry, then cry DAMNIT!!! Do not let anyone tell you differently.

I believe the world thinks, that losing something or someone is the most easiest thing to bounce back from. Well for me it was not, it is not and yes, we do change....but we never forget the loss of love, the loss of life, and the loss of somethings special. SO, you go on and be you and take your time!

I am moving on, at my own pace and my own speed and my own time. I am finding that somethings are easier to manage, and somethings are still a struggle but that is ok, for the struggle will become easier with time. Who are we to define the timeline, the timeline is day-by-day and sometimes...hour-by-hour and even smaller if you break it down by the minute. Learn to embrace the change, and embrace we are stronger than we allow ourselves to be! I am strong, I am fierce, and I am going to be the best version of me I can be, and so should you!

Letting go is not easy, moving on is not easy, but each one takes strength, and self courage, and with those anything is possible! We are have strength....finding your strength, will guide you down the path of love, and or new friendships.....but most importantly self LOVE!

Till next time!


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