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Loss is hard!

Today we said adios to kitty aka "papa bear " I named him once Poppy passed! I always felt Poppy spiritually with this kitty! He would wait for me to go to bed! Stand by the door! Jump on the bed, snuggle by my feet, or up against my back!! Saying momma poppy is close! Now, the loneliness is back! He is not waiting to climb in bed, jump on my head, head butt me to Wake me up! Yet! I know Poppy was greeting him today!! Oh kitty 🐈‍⬛ oh kitty I missed you so!! Talking to him in Spanish!! Asking how is "mom" !! Oh she kissed me goodbye and said to tell you hi!! Told us to play run and jump!! She said she will be ok!! But dad I know she is crying 😢 so!! Cause she misses you so!! I missed you too dad!

Dad! Did you know mommy got a little one her name is Midnight Ryder!! Oh she is fiesty just like mommy!! She will help momma be ok! Like she did when you left!! Oh dad how I missed you so!!

I trust they are having fun! Both of them!

I love 💕 you Poppy y Papa Bear! Te quiero muchísimo mi ángel 😇!!

I will be ok! I promise Poppy!! I will be strong!!

Till we meet again!! Te queiro !! I love 💕 you! Both!

Till next time!!


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